Trevi PM or Galleria PM

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  1. Have been saving for the Trevi and have always liked that Galleria PM is out I am torn as to whether I should keep my one-track Trevi mind or detour in my savings and for for the Galleria?

    Another TPFr mentioned the brass on the Galleria rubbing on the vachetta...should that turn me off the Galleria?
  2. The Trevi is one of my personal faves!
  3. If I had to chose, it would definitely be the Trevi PM. These are my reasons:-

    1) Definitely more stylish and classy
    2) Easy to maintain
    3) Won't look old even after alot of use (looks up other threads on used Trevi's that still look as good as new)
    4) The Galleria doesn't look like it's worth the amt of money it's selling for

    Just my 2 cents... :P
  4. Trevi PM ~ even though the opening is tighter, I love the fact that it can be carried by hand, crook of your arm and shoulder. It's also has zipper closure and very classy looking.

    The Galliera is too slouchy for me ... wouldn't mind the slouchiness if it was denim. Just my 2 cents.
  5. I love them both -- I don't think you could possibly go wrong with either one. I think if I were you I would wait until you have enough saved up for the Trevi and then go in and look at both, assuming you buy at a boutique. One will "talk" to you more than the other -- happens to me every time!
  6. TREVI but you should really go in and try both on and decide

    I personally have the Trevi and love it!!! I find it a tad bit heavy but it is by far my go to bag.

    And im definitely going to get the Galliera- its sold out at holts yorkdale buttttt if i could only have one.. Trevi by far because no vachetta!!! and soooo classy

    good luck!
  7. Trevi PM hands down!

    Edited: actually, I'm picking up my Galliera today. Will let you know later which one I prefer better :yes:
  8. I think the Trevi is a very classy, sophisticated and versatile bag. The Galliera is roomy but more casual.
  9. I love my Trevi PM to death. :heart:

    Of all the good things our tPFers have mentioned, just keep in mind that, the Trevi could get 'a little' heavy when loaded. :Push: (But I don't mind carrying her around with pride. :shame:smile:
  10. I can't remember the last time I saw a Trevi PM, I heard they were backordered....if you find one, get it !!
  11. I like the Trevi more because of:
    1 - the shape
    2 - no vachetta
    3 - zipper closure
  12. Trevi ;) but depends on your personal style..if I remembered right -- you had a hampstead open top and a cabby so far right? correct me if I am wrong. Seems all casual hence I will go for Trevi..but if you still prefer casual style - galliera ;) let us know your choice.
  13. I have the Trevi PM and Galliera PM and love both bags. If I had to choose I would probably choose the Galliera because it is a classic hobo with a single wide strap that actually stays on your shoulder! LV has lots of great handhelds but this is the first LV shoulder bag I have loved. Good luck w/your decision.
  14. I'm loving the Trevi. Go for it!
  15. My pick is the Trevi.. I have it and love it.. and I am also not a fan of hobo style bags.
    Best of luck with your decision!