Trevi Pm - Opinions Needed Asap!

  1. I need opinions on the trevi pm ASAP! :idea:

    I waitlisted for the Trevi Pm on Wednesday (the 20th) at LV and was told one would most likely arrive in a month's time due to the long waitlist. Oddly enough, i received a phonecall from LV late the next day saying one had arrived and they would hold it until Saturday.:wtf: I phoned today to confirm this (yes its oddly true).

    This was going to my university purse (not for books or notebooks) since the coated canvas is so durable, the bag is large enough for me and there is no vachetta (like on monogram canvas).

    But i was wondering how does the shoulder strap hold up? Is the opening large enough? (my mother didnt think so and thinks ill scratch anything i remove from it) Much help is appreciated :flowers:
  2. The shoulder strap is great!
    However, the opening is quite small, the first time I used it I was thinking it was a big PITA but after 2 days of using it, the opening seemed to widen a bit.
  3. nevermind this, i just re-read your post ---> I don't think it is good used as a school bag as the interior isn't big enough for regular size books. The opening isn't that big either... you can open it wider by using two hands, and sometimes it does scratch my hand digging in and out the bag.

    I love the strap! I only carry 1 agenda, 1 long wallet, camera, palm phone, keys, and a magazine (rolled up). Hope that helps!
  4. I think it'd be very durable to carry to university with - the strap seems quite sturdy, but the opening is a concern.
  5. inside isnt very roomy
    why dont you get the gm?
  6. I figured all ill be carrying is an agenda, cell phone, mono PTI, ipod, camera, misc items such as brushes, makeup, etc. and i think itll fit no prob. I do love large bags but i think the gm would look ridiculous on me since im only 5'1!
  7. haha yaa actually im only 5 feet.. lol, I tried on the Gm and it looked wayy too big on me (and I was wearing heels)

    ^If your not carrying books and just the essentials then go for it!! Just keep in mind the opening is not that big but its a durable bag and its very pretty, you dont have to worry about vachetta or anything considering its a damier piece.
    even if you decide its not practical for school, you can wear this bag for other occasions (going out, work, etc.)

    HAHA i just saw your signature.. so your getting it eh? lol
    where in Canada are you?
  8. yeah i figured lifes too short! ill make it work! i live about 30-45 mins from Toronto, you?
  9. Oh im in Toronto!!! I put myself on the waitlist at holts and it came in 4 days =)
    I thought surely I would have to wait a month or two!! I guess we got
  10. Which Holts did you waitlist at? I waitlisted at Yorkdale since its the closest and i have a Yorkdale giftcard
  11. I love the Trevi!!!!!
  12. HAHHA yaaa. I went there tooo!!!!
    Ill probably be there tmrw tooo
  13. what kind of wallets do you guys carry with the trevi? i just bought the trevi PM today, it will be mailed to me.
  14. I love the Trevi but doesn't seem too practical as a bag for school (even if you're not carrying school stuff in it) ...I would go for something lightweight and less structured. I think the Hampstead MM or Cabas Rivington would be better or even the Verona (zippered but with a wider opening) :smile:
  15. It is a heavy bag even when empty so you may just wanna check out the weight if you plan to use it as a school bag.