Trevi PM...need advice!

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  1. I have the opportunity to buy a like new Trevi PM for $1400. Is that a reasonable price? Any thoughts on this bag?? I was looking for a damier ebene bag with a shoulder and handle option. I have the Speedy b so I thought this might be a nice option?
  2. I think so! Considering the bag is over 2k. Just make sure you get it authenticated first :biggrin: I have the Trevi pm and adore her . She is one of my favorites . How do you like your speedy b in DE? I was thinking about this bag . But i do own alot of DE right now.
  3. I think so too depending on the condition! I love my Trevi pm..Its such a pretty bag and I like that you can wear on the shoulder with the strap or hand held.
  4. I really love ny speedy b for travel. It's a great hands free bag lugging my suitcase through the airport and awesome to bring to dinner without the strap!
  5. +1
  6. I think you should go for it!!! :smile:
  7. Definitely go for it!! I think its worth over 2k. Esp for like new condition. Its jes so pretty in real life too!
  8. I would go for it!
    It is a great bag, i own one and i use it al lot.
    I'm in Europe and overhere it is already €1640, so $1400 is a great price.
  9. It's an amazing price!! And one of my favorite bags of all time!
  10. Yep very good price! You'll be saving close to $1000 depending where you live and how much taxes.
    If it's like new and no huge scratches on piping (I'm so anal about scratches on piping!) Good luck! I love my Trevi as well. Definitely one of a kind.
  11. that's a great price. get it!
  12. That's a great price if it's in good condition. Go for it ! :smile: I have one and love it.