Trevi PM in my Elux cart

  1. :yes: wish I could buy it right now but I've got some other priorities right now!


    Anybody hunting for this? Is this bag LE? (guessing no..)
  2. :push: released to the tigers by customer service!
  3. Love this bag! Wish I could get it, too, but just bought the mirage. I have to be good for the rest of the year!!
  4. lol- I'll get this one after I fulfill my prior financial commitments :graucho:

    Love this bag! Reminds me of my Ursula! In a damier-shoulder strap way.
  5. I want the Trevi too! But my purchase list is full (in fact I may have to take an item off my to-buy list for 2007...) so this will have to wait until next year.
  6. It isn't limited, so you have some time to wait!
  7. *whew*

    THANK GOODNESS it's not LE- along with the Cabby!!
  8. Yup! Same here I just purchase too many bags this year. And it's way too much already. And I will have to wait till at least xmas or early next year to buy the Trevi.

    Anybody know if the Trevi is LE or permanent??
  9. I had to decline a mirage dure to an unplanned root canal. Maybe later in the year I can afford a Trevi.