Trevi or Tivoli

  1. Hi all..

    I am a working mother (have an 11 month old), and am torn between waiting on the Tivoli or purchasing the Trevi. I have quite a few bags, but I just LOVE both of these bags...

    I live in it does not rain much, however, I do travel a little back and forth to Vegas for work...

    What would you all recommend?? I obviously will have to wait for the Tivoli, but I can't decide which one is better suited for me? Can you wear both bags over your body if you need to? I know they are both shoulder bags....I am thinking GM since I have a little one, and want to also use this for work at times....

    I am in a very professional industry, so I don't want to be to overstated, but still classy....:confused1:

  2. Have you seen the Trevi GM? I saw this bag IRL and it is huge --- more fitting for an overnight travel bag, at least to me. The Trevi PM is adorable and would work well for you at your job. You may really want to wait until the Tivoli comes out though then you can decide then. If you are able to, try them on IRL, one bag will surely call out your name louder. Both bags are lovely and are permanent so you'll be able to plan to get one now and the other later, if you wish. Good luck!!
  3. I too think you should wait for the Tivoli to come out... that way, if you buy the Trevi now, and the Tivoli comes out later, you might regret purchasing the Trevi?
  4. I absolutely adore the the Trevi in both PM and GM.
  5. the trevi i can see being better for the mom aspect of your life. you can carry it both handheld and on the shoulder.

    i suggest waiting til you see the tivoli to make a decision. it is a big price difference between the two models.
  6. I agree with everyone ... wait for the tivoli to come out and try both irl ... but if you are concerned about being overstated in a very professional industry, then I'd go with the trevi.
  7. Agreed...just wait a little longer. November is not too far away. May I suggest getting on the waiting list for the Tivoli in case you do decide to get that one?
  8. I'm biased towards mono so I would say Tivoli. But just a heads up - vachetta leather on the mono needs more care than any damier bag which is low maintenance. I would do as everyone else says & wait for November so you can compare the two.
  9. I love the's so different!
  10. Tivoli gets my vote
  11. Tivoli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I think that the tivoli is definitely worth the wait!
  13. Wait until you see the Tivoli before deciding.....
  14. I think the Trevi is more understated and it has no vachetta to worry about. Personally I prefer damier anyway.
  15. I like the Trevi.