Trevi or neo cabby ...

  1. I know both are tdf ... but if you could only have one or the other ... because of the similar style ... which one would you get? Feedback pleeeaaaaasssseeeee:crybaby:
  2. Neo Cabby - but I'm partial and a sucker for denim. And black denim... there's a truly unique bag. :smile:
  3. Black denim neo cabby :smile: Love mine to death.
  4. I prefer Damier over Denim...

    So, my vote's Trevi.
  5. Trevi :yes:
  6. Trevi! :heart:
  7. I'd choose the Trevi. As cute as the Cabby is, I haven't convinced myself that denim is worth the $$$.
  8. Neo Cabby in black!
    I'm not a huge fan of the Trevi..
  9. I was deciding the same thing and I picked the Trevi. Very happy with my choice :tup:
  10. Both are DEF. TDF... however, if I could only choose one, I'd choose the Trevi since it's Damier [which I'm in love with at the moment] and because of the unique shape!
  11. i have a neo cabby and i love it. i only like the trevi in the gm size :smile:
  12. More vote for Trevi coz it's much easier to be taken care of. :tup:

    You can use it as an everyday bag, no worry in any kind of weather: rain, sun or snow. So versatile. :heart: it.
  13. I have a neo cabby and I love it! But I will have to baby it a alot more than I would a trevi.
  14. I have looked at both bags and I prefer the trevi.
  15. Cabby. I'm obsessed with that bag right now.