Trevi or Berkeley?

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  1. HI Ladies (and Gents!)

    I am getting a new LV for Valentines Day, I originally wanted the Alma BB in Rose Florentin but we still don't have any in stock yet. So Im trying to decide between A Trevi or a Berkeley .. both in Ebene. Can't seem to make up my mind ... so Which one do you guys like better?

    :biggrin: Thank you for any inputs!
  2. Between the two, I would pick Trevi anyday. GL deciding :biggrin:
  3. Trevi PM!
  4. :biggrin: yea I notice alot of ppl on this forum favour the Trevi ... any reasons? :smile:
  5. Love both but prefer the Trevi a bit more.
  6. Trevi
  7. GET THE BERKLEY!!! I posted a thread:

    PICS OF MY FIRST LV BAG: DAMIER EBENE BERKLEY! Check it out why I decided for this bag...and its got a few pics for u to see!!!

  8. Trevi!!!!!
  9. I would definitely go with the Trevi. It's so gorgeous..
  10. I think both are lovely - I would get Trevi.
  11. Trevi!! For some reason I only like the Berkeley in azur lol
  12. Trevi PM!!! Luv mine!!
  13. Gonna head out now (lunch break) to check it out !
  14. Trevi!
  15. I prefer the Berkely!