Trevi or Berkeley


Destined to be a classic?

  1. Berkeley

  2. Trevi PM

  3. Both will be classic LV bags

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  1. Hi all! I could use some advice, please. I bought my ebene Berkeley yesterday, and while I do love it, think it looks very much like my damier Speedy 30. The Berkeley is very similar in size and shape to the speedy 30, IMO. I own five speedies, including the damier. I am thinking about trading the Berkeley for the Trevi pm. This will be my last purchase for a while and I really want another classic damier bag. Are both the Berkeley and Trevi destined to be classic LV bags? Or do you think one is more classic than the other? TIA!
  2. I like both bags but I am taking the Trevi PM over the Berkeley anyday!!!!

    The Trevi PM is beautiful. When I went to the store to check out the size and feel of the bag, I immediately fell in love!!!!!

    Now waitlisting and I cannot wait to get it! :love:
  3. I vote Trevi!! I love the shape of the bag!
  4. Another vote for trevi ...I adore the shape too:love:
  5. Trevi! Without a doubt!
  6. I prefer the Berkely. I just haven't warmed up to the Trevi yet.
  7. I think both are destined to be classics, but I'd choose Trevi over Berkeley anyday just like madaddie said.
  8. I think the Berkley with be a classic for years to come( ala the speedy), can see the Trevi bring around a long time like the Cabo Mezzo on the mono line
  9. I went to see the Berkeley yesterday. I had been waitlisted forever and was so excited - until I saw it. I have a Damier Speedy too (although if I ever manage to get it back from my college age daughter it will be a miracle! - It's also a 25 and I would love a 30). I actually like the Damier speedy better than Berkeley and was so surprised I felt that way. The Berkeley is very big and "boxy" and has so much going on with it. I just didn't love it and sadly didn't buy it. I kind of liked it in Azur, but don't want that much vachetta and I don't care as much for Azur in any case.

    I absolutely love the Trevi - even though it's very heavy from what I understand. That bag is growing on me by leaps and bounds! (I wasn't sure I loved it at first).

    I might have liked the Berkeley if it wasn't so big and boxy, but it just didn't do anything for me when I saw it IRL and isn't nearly as femine as the Trevi. The Berkeley looked like a mini suitcase to me - like a keepall with belts and plaque. While it's kind of a cute look, I didn't love it for a purse, KWIM?

    Get the Trevi!
  10. Where in the world is everyone finding these 'Berkeley' bags.

    They are not listed on ELuxury or the L.V. web site, and I have never seen one in my closest L.V. store.

    Must be a well kept secret.

  11. They are out now in the stores.
  12. Gotta love the Trevi...
  13. Thanks for all the input. I just called my store and waitlisted for the Trevi PM. I am first on the list for it. Has anybody heard anything about when the next shipment of Trevi PM will be arriving? I want to look at the Trevi IRL before returning the Berkeley so I can compare the two bags. I bought at a Saks LV so I have 60 days to return/exchange. Poor Berkeley is just sitting all alone in her dustcover in my closet.
  14. I love how the Trevi has a pleat and has both handles and a shoulder strap. I have also been WL'd for the Berkeley for a looooong time and I am going to check it out today, but I am also afraid it looks like luggage.
  15. I vote Trevi also... would love to add this to my collection someday