TREVI IS OUT - enable me please

  1. the Damier Trevi is out as of today, i tried the bag on for ages and it was gorgeous

    the gold hardware OMG it looked stunning. i tried the small which its not that small but i prefer the GM which is huge but i love huge bag.

    the strap cannot be extended to be worn as messenger (i'm a bit diappointed with that) but you can wear it on your shoulder with either the strap or the rounded handles.

    the bag has 4 studded feet. the SA was so nice she said the bag is hand made with lovely details (I AGREE) also not alots LV bags are made with feet.

    I went on to show her the mono trevili on my cell phone, she thought it was the neverfull hahaha. she said neverfull are all sold out. i asked is damier neverfull coming she said 'No'

    anyway i really love the bag but the price....small @ £700 somthing and the large @ £885. £885 for a canvas bag.....can someone enable me please......

    i hope the price shown on display against the bag is wrong cos i really like the bag.

    Also she shown me the new bag from the Onatah leather line. cant remember the name but it is the one that cost somewhat $3000.
  2. in the US the trevi pm is $1425. it is a really nice damier bag. i think the shape is very classy. i'm really liking the 2 carrying options too. i like how i have that on the neo cabby.

    the trevi is a permanent piece so you have some time to think it over. i'm planning on getting this later on too :smile:
  3. ^^^ le malleable
  4. GET IT!
    I tried it on today aswell!
    I LOVVVEE the GM i think it looks better.
    It's so pretty aswell!
    My favourite Damier bag they have made so far.
  5. i really love the pm, i didn't want to put it down when i was trying it on at the store yesterday. but knowing it's a permanent piece, i'm in no rush to get it, but it's definitely on my list as well.
  6. Is it true love, hon? Cause if it is, go ahead & buy the bag. I saw it at my boutique when I picked up my bag today. It was sooo gorgeous:drool::heart::heart::drool:! I love the gold, the interior and the feet (have always wanted an LV with feet). I'm thinking of going back to the boutique myself to get would be a great first piece of damier for me since I don't own any. Anyway, it won't get any cheaper so if you have the funds, just indulge yourself.
  7. Ohhhh...
    I wish someone would just buy it and show some pics !!!
    It's just money, ya know ??
  8. Would LOVE to see photos..anyone purchased it yet?? It reminds me of the stephen crossed with a sac de nuit:heart:
  9. sorry spelling mistake, i mean the Mono Trivoli not Trevili.

    yes i do have the fund but i just couldnt bring myself to spend that much on a canvas bag. but its huge and has all the 'I want' factors.

    i'm sure this bag will not go away unless i have my hands on one. too pretty just too pretty.
  10. kaka28 - Are u in the UK ??...if so come and join us at the leeds Meet, its in the meetings sub forum in LV section :smile:
  11. ^^ thanks so much for inviting me 'Socialite' i really want to meet up with the ladies in the UK but i live in East Anglia. a little bit too far to travel for me.
  12. OMG I need pictures!
  13. Go for it you just said it has everything you want what you waiting for
  14. It's a gorgeous bag!!
  15. aww thats a shame, well if you change your mind and decide you want to travel lightyears to get to us LOL you know where we are :p :flowers: