TREVI GM vs MANHATTAN GM and in the other corner its EPI PONT NEUF GM?

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  1. Hi guys,

    A friend of a friend is seriously having some bag issues!

    U see she adores the TREVI GM, but where we come frm

    The trevi is very very common, do u think she shlld go

    With her heart ..... TREVI or go with sum a tad classier

    Lyk the MANHATTAN GM??

    The epi Pont NEuf has its own challenges its facing up against

    The epi speedy 30 black and a charm!!!

    PLEASE HELP A SISTER OUT.......phew!!
  2. I vote for Trevi first and Pont Neuf second :smile:
  3. Vote for trevi!!!!!!!!!!!;););)
  4. doesn't matter whether it's common or not, what's matter is whether she likes it or not.
  5. I like Trevi first!

  6. I agree!
  7. Trevi!
  8. LIKE??? That's an understatement she simply adores this bag and saved

    A lot to get but now...all she's gets r friends telling her not to get it.

    But I think she's has made up her mind to go with the Epi speedy 30

    And an insolence key holder....... So ladies is it YAY for TREVI????
  9. trevi!
  10. Trevi although it is heavy (I made a rhyme!)

  11. If I listened to all my friends and family I wouldn't have any bags LOL. I say buy what she loves. She obviously adores it.
  12. I agree!
    If she loves the trevi.. get the trevi... although the manhattan is a great bag as well.. I have both but the trevi definitely gets used more!
  13. I like to be different so my vote goes for Pont Neuf first, Manhattan GM second.