Trevi GM just before the price increase & other goodies ^__^

  1. Sold Tivoli GM to fund for this Trevi GM. I had a horrible SA experience w/PRADA:cursing:, but :heart: LV SA's phone service! She is either the Senior or Manager b/c she's been w/LV for 15 years, so knowledgeable on the phone, answers all my Q's and even throws in agenda refills and all the pretty catalogs as free gift:p I'm also attaching the Azur speedy 30 next to Trevi GM for size reference.

    Old Rouge EPI Jasmin w/gh~A big Thank You to her previous mommy, I got her @ an incredible price, and now she is my favorite bag for recent gloomy weather:yahoo:





  2. lovely! congrats!
  3. Congrats! The Trevi GM looks great on you!
  4. I'm 5'6, 127 (:push:darn Holiday weights!), so this GM is not that big at all. In fact, a co-worker of mine looks great w/GM also, and she is only 5'2 w/heels:yes: IMG_0482.JPG



  5. Love the bag, and Love the Hello Kitty Humidifier!
  6. thanks! It's super quite and don't have those plastic smell like others, I really love it ^^
  7. Love the Jasmin! Congrats on the find!
  8. Congrats!

    I spy a red reissue! Lucky!
  9. oh my gosh!
    she looks great on you!
    Love it!
  10. Gorgeous, congrats!
    Love your jeans :smile:
  11. lol, she is an eBay Gem from a JP seller, she can now have a break since Rouge Jasmin is in the house:lol:

    I really love the GM more than PM b/c it gives me the room to go light as hand held, or lugging kitchen sink as shoulder bag. Guess the smallest bag I will ever carry is Sonatine & Jasmin:shame:
  12. congrats! love both bags! and they look great on you!!

    btw, i LOVE your hello kitty humidifier! :smile: i saw one in Target a while back and showed DH, but he said no way, he can't have something like that in the house (too girly i guess, lol). Well... we'll see when we have kids..if we have a daughter, we are *definitely* getting one..he won't be able to say no then! lol. :biggrin:
  13. wow! i always thought the gm is huge but you totally pulled it off.. it looks so good on you!!! gorgeous! congrats!!!
  14. the gm looks great w/ your body and height! great purchase, have fun using her.
  15. Wow, the Trevi is beautiful .... :nuts:

    I have to get me one soon.

    She looks gorgeous on ya too .... :tup: