Trevi, Duomo, or Saleya, or ___?

  1. I'm contemplating buying my first damier piece, but I'm completely stuck on which one to get. What do you guys think? I live in NYC, so I need a bag that I can get in and out of quickly, and it has to be easy to carry around. Oh, and most of the time, I'm pretty casual, so, nothing too formal. Any advice? :smile:
  2. saleya mm
  3. the Duomo is my favorite. it's not as common as the Saleya, and it's not something everyone is rushing to buy like the Trevi
  4. i know this wont be much help, but i love all three of those bags. any bag would be great.
  5. trevi!
  6. As you describe the bag you want, it's Neo Cabby which I really like it coz the it's casual but you can dress up or dress down, very easy to get it and out, very practical bag. When I got my Neo cabby, I nearly return it coz it didn't appear to me much like the Trevi but my cousin really insist that this one suit me more. I agree with her coz I thought I can get it later. The price is high but really I didn't regret at all. I love this bag very handy, practical and carefree don't worry about the handle but if you like the damier, I'd say the Trevi, one thing I'm not sure coz my friend complained it's heavy so she return it. Choose the one you love and good luck to you.
  7. The Saleya!! It's a great bag and it's so easy to go in and out! Also the Triana is very easy to "handle" and good to open. I love my Triana very much, but eventually you find it too "formal" (not me!!). Also the Alma is one of my favorite bags.
    The Duomo is very big and too heavy for me. Good luck!
  8. hmmm easy access I would say Saleya MM as it has a big open top. However the duomo is really nice :love: I would love the trevi though!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: Sorry I am not much help am I! heehee =P
  9. I love the duomo, great looking, classy bag. But the saleya might be easier to get in and out of. But duomo for me!
  10. saleya mm!
  11. Ever since they came out with the Trevi I would never buy another bag, A) it can be hand held or worn on your shoulder depending on your mood and B) very roomy, even the PM I'm sure can hold as much as a speedy. The best thing about the Trevi is it's so modern looking compared to the current lineup. It's a breath of fresh air. :smile:
  12. Out of the three you mentioned i like the duomo, but for easy access i would say the saleya
  13. From the three you listed, I would choose the Duomo. I just love the shape and it looks to be roomy!
  14. i have the saleya, and it's a great bag. it looks nice with jeans or dressed up, i can carry it on my shoulder (or on my arm), and it is light, but can hold lots if i need it to. but, i love your other choices, too! i've never seen another one, either, but i don't live in nyc.
  15. As far as I'm concerned both the Saleya and the Trevi can be worn over the shoulder. The Duomo seems like it can't.
    I'll vote for the Saleya.