Trevi Damier or Summit Drive Pomme d'amour?

  1. I am confused... Do you think I should buy the newest, Trevi Damier PM or Summit Drive in Pomme d'amour? Or should I wait for Tivoli to get released...? H E L P ! :confused1:
  2. If you can only buy one of three, I'd say wait until the Tivoli is released. Personally I would get both the Tivoli and the Trevi, but not the Summit Drive because I don't like it very much...
  3. Ok,I can buy Trevi now and Tivoli in Xmas in Paris.But I do like Summit Drive,too...:confused1:Anyway,Trevi first and then we'll see...Thanks!
  4. Trevi
  5. Summit drive is gorgeous but it's not as worry free as the trevi.
  6. I say go for trevi saw it yesterday in real and i fell in love but want to first see how the berkeley looks like.
  7. I vote for the trevi PM as it is such a stunning bag and worry free too:tup:
  8. Trevi! :smile: It's very classy looking.
  9. summit drive is too bulky for my liking.. def trevi!
  10. Definitely the Trevi. It's gorgeous and worry free...........
  11. I'd definitely get the Damier Trevi first.
  12. TREVI!
  13. Trevi, all the way! :yahoo:
  14. Another vote for the Trevi! It's gorgeous!:tup:
  15. I really like all three bags too!
    My first choice would be the Summit Dr. because I love vernis and then the Trevi/Tivoli.