Trevi - classic or trendy?

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  1. So after seeing so many people posting pics of their Trevi lately, I've decided that this really should be my next bag. However, I'm wondering if this is a bag that won't really last, style wise? I don't really want to spend $1,500+ on a bag that I can't wear in a couple of years.......

  2. I've honestly never seen someone and thought their LV was out of style, even if the bag has previously been discontinued.

    If you love the bag, get it!
  3. I love that bag ! If you are concerned because it is a convertible bag and those are really trendy right now, you could always just remove the shoulder strap.
  4. You know, I really feel this one will endure the test of time. It's simple, elegant, and the damier is so understated. It's a keeper!
  5. Trendy IMO..I went with the Berkley instead because I thought it was a much more classic shape..closer to iconic pieces..My SA agreed and told me the trevi was trendy...a very nice trend I might add...GL
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    For me, mine is GM, and I do think it is a very practicial purse for me. Again, it is very useful and low-key daily work bag for me.
  7. classic
  8. classic. It is feminine, glamorous and as durable as a tank! :smile:
  9. definitely classic.
  10. I feel it is classic. It looks like a great bag.
  11. This one is definately classic!
  12. This bag is classic and trendy. I love it! Just got mine last week. You should definitely get it before the price increase.
  13. I think it is classic...and very pretty. I have one and can see myself carrying it for a very long time to come.
  14. I'm not one for really trendy bags, and I do feel that it will be a future classic.
  15. why not? u only got 1 life to it up!!!! =)