TreVero Italian Leather Purses?

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  1. I need some opinions! Dillard's has some GREAT deals on a line called TreVero. It is an Italian leather bag...very soft, thin, glove leather. They are getting rid of some because for some reason, the line doesn't sell well here.

    They are $400+ bags that are on sale for around $99. I've never heard of this line. They are a beautiful bag and the leather is fabulous, but now I am becoming accustomed to the heavier, stronger leather of the Kooba's which makes this thinner leather seem "cheaper".

    Does anyone know anything about TreVero? Do they hold up well? The purse I want is a deep olive green....It's only $99 but I'm thinking I should "hold out" instead for another Kooba??!?!?!?!?


  2. The only place I see them is on the Dillards website. I wonder if it is a "store" brand? Also, the website did not mention the location of manufacture, so although the name sounds Italian, are you sure it is made in Italy?
  3. I just bought a TreVero bag last week at Dillard's. The original tag price was $349.00 and i bought it on clearance for $87.25. The label does say origin is Italy. I love the bag and the softer butter!