Tresor wallet

  1. I've considered this wallet before as I agree it has great proportions but it really is not a very practical wallet, IMO. It doesn't have individual card pockets, just an empty well to hold them all together. The bill pocket is on the side longways and I feel like if I turn the wallet on it's side to access the bills, all the cards would fall right out.
  2. yeah i was thinking of this wallet too but because i can't put credit cards in (somewhere where it's not going to fall out), i've been pending its purchase. Yes the size is great and that's what i love abot it! I guess you can put your cards in the zipped part, one side for cards, the other for coins.
  3. the size is what i liked about it too....what gives me second thoughts is the bill pocket on the side...i think it would be hard to get your bills....if i dont use it and just fold and put my bills inside the pockets...the bill pocket would be useless....:sad:

    does lv have another wallet the size of tresor?? :confused1:
  4. Yes that´s what I meant, the link didn´t work:yes:
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