Tresor Wallet Hard to Use?

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  1. This is the PTI in manderin
  2. Yeah, I don't like the PTI. But I just picked up the Pochette Wallet in mono....I'm dying to own something in Mandarin before it completely disappears. I think I scratched this Tresor wallet off the list.
  3. i was eyeing the tresor wallet for the longest time..thought its the perfect size for is...fits nicely in my hand but when i finally got couldnt hold all my things...when i put cards in it plus the bills it kept on opening...the clasp wouldn't i exhanged it for the french wallet which i'm loving now :yes:
  4. i have the same one as ecmd7 an i love it. especially if you do any international travel, it fits almost any size bill, coinage and cards gallore in addition being able to fit the passport in no prob. but, for the life of me, i dont' know the name of it.:confused1: