Tresor Wallet Hard to Use?

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  1. Do you think the Tresor wallet is very hard to use? The reason I am asking is because I desperately want something in the mandarin orange (I can't believe I found LV so late that I missed the boat on a lot of their mandarin color products). I saw this at the store:

    eLUXURY - null - null=


    It was kinda pretty, but do you think it feels weird that the bills are on the side? And also, there are no credit card slots.

    I tried to order the Medium Agenda in Mandarin, but it was sold out already :sad:
  2. Many of the PFers chose this wallet as their choice.
  3. Really? There are no credit card slots, which is the downside for me. I only have 2 cards and my drivers license, but I couldn't even find a spot to fit them in for this wallet :sad:
  4. I had this once in the monogram and found it difficult to use even after a while because of the fact that the bills are on the side and there are no compartments for cards. I would suggest to talk to your SA, she might be able to locate some other things in mandarin for you.
  5. Sorry, most PFers like the Porte Tresor International...

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  6. ^I was gonna say get the PTI, it has cc slots :yes: I'm not sure though if you can find one in mandarin!
  7. Yeah I love the PTI instead, actually. It's got CC slots and I love how my money stays organized.
  8. I have a Tresor in mono & love it! I actually have too many cc, so any LV wallet would not be good enough for me. What I do is I put my ccs inside the zipped compartment, it actually is divided in half which leaves me room for actual change. I love Tresor for it's size, compartments ,& ability to fit all my junk and still close:smile:
  9. I think the Tresor would be difficult to use, I'm not used to pulling bills out from the side. Plus, I usually like to peek in the pocket to see what bills I'm pulling out; in order to do that I'd have to turn the Tresor on it's side. But then all my cards and papers would fall out, because it doesn't have proper pockets either! It's too bad, because I think the Tresor wallet is the perfect size, not too big and not too small.

    I know use the Porte-monnaie zip wallet, which is the same size as the PTI. I prefer it to the PTI because I don't have to open up the whole wallet, and the pockets are more convenient.
  10. I've had this wallet for about a month and I love it!

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  11. i used PTI than this wallet. it's bigger and useful...
    but this wallet is also great to fit in smaller bags adn to go out at nights
  12. If I were to get one, I'd use the PTI. I like the size of it.
  13. I have a PTI and I find it incredibly awkward.. :shame:
  14. ack... I forgot I had that wallet in your pic. It was a real PITA as the paper money went in the side pocket which made it bulge. The two slots under the flap all my cc's and everything else keep falling out.!:hysteric:
  15. I don't like the tresor nor the PTI, cuz I usually don't like 'long' wallets and go for billfold styles. However, amongst the 'long' wallets, I kinda like the Porte-monnaie international