Tresemme, Sunsilk?

  1. So I'm kind of a product junkie, I'll just pick stuff up whenever I'm out to try something new. But now I want to cut back a bit and be a little more discerning when I buy. I was curious if any of you have tried Sunsilk shampoos and conditioners, and Tresemme styling products (I have used their hairspray).

    If you have, tell me what you think!

    I've got a whole stockpile of my fab salon purchases but sometimes there are great drugstore finds.:supacool:
  2. IMHO, Sunsilk makes some pretty good shampoos and conditioners. Basic, no frills, and doesn't weigh hair down.
  3. I like Tresume Mousse for Curl hair , I am a mousse addict and I like to use a lot (probaly too much:queen: ) and this brand works really well
  4. ^ ahhh thanks! I was thinking about getting some mousse for when I don't have time to dry my hair to kind of scrunch it up a bit.
  5. I liked Sunsilk. I think it was pretty good, esp for the price. It was not weighty but seemed to give good moisture and manageability. Treseme makes pretty okay shampoo/conditioner too, IMO. I noticed a bit of buildup though, w/ the moisture rich though. I don't use any styling products, so I can't comment on those.
  6. Sunsilk isn't bad. Definitely not enough to make me stray from Aveda, but a solid drugstore brand nonetheless.
  7. Yes I LOVE Aveda to pieces too!!!

    I am just trying to do some research because when I go to Army training for more than a week and have to live with someone, and when we get deployed, I don't want to take my nice beauty products as people steal stuff real easily...
    so I want to find good drugstore brands, that way if they disappear I'm not out 20 bucks a bottle!
  8. I haven't tried Sunsilk yet. But as for Tressemme, I absolutely hated it. I tried their curly hair shampoo (or was it moisturizing? I can't recall). Either way, it weighed down my hair horribly and left too much buildup. I swear, my hair would look greasy when it air-dried after the shower!!

    For cheap, drugstore brands that work I fully recommend Aussie. They're purple bottles with (guess what? lol), a kangaroo on them. Works great! Especially their mousse and leave-in conditioner. Shampoos and conditioners do the job well too!
  9. I liked the pink sunsilk that was for hair that was damaged and dry. I also use sunsilk thermashine for when I use my blowdryer and straightener. I read in Allure that Sunsilk thermashine and Thermasilk (remember that old brand in the puple bottles) were the same thing just different packaging now.

  10. I used to use Aussie a lot when I was growing up :smile: It was my aunt's favorite, lol. I still use a lot of their hairsprays but I find tresemme hairsprays work better since they don't have water as an ingredient.
  11. I use Sunsilk. I've been using it for about a year now, lol. I use the kind in the Orange-ish bottle, the kind that give you body.
    I love the stuff, and the price is absolutely wonderful!
  12. Thanks Val!
    I got some of the 'brunette' shampoo/conditioner in the brown bottles, we'll see how it goes tomorrow morning after PT!!!
  13. ^^^^they have brunette shampoo?:nuts: I must be blind! Im gonna go to the store tomorrow and see if I can find it lol.
  14. Yup they have brunette and blonde...obvi the brunette is in brown bottles and the blonde is in yellow :smile: and hmm they have color boost to go with it!
  15. My mom's been using Tresemme for years. She likes it, but IMO there are better drugstore brands out there. I love L'oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss in the pink bottle. It's for damaged hair that's medium to long. I like it a lot better than Tresemme.