Treo or BlackBerry?


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  1. I recently purchased a Palm Treo 750 to use for my business and personal stuff. I need a calendaring program, a good contacts list, and something that is relatively easy to use. However, I have been having some "issues" with the Treo, including the fact that it cannot hold a charge for an entire workday if I use the web features at all, it cannot sync to my Mac, and I have yet to be able to send an e-mail and have it work. I have 30 days to exchange it for a different phone if I don't love it, but I can only exchange it once. So my question to all of you smart phone users is this: which do you recommend, the Treo or the BlackBerry and WHY? Please feel free to share your personal experiences with either and what you love or hate about it. Thanks!
  2. I have the treo and my DH has the blackberry. For business the blackberry is much better. His emails pop up on the phone immediately and he can respond with no problem. I noticed with the treo I always have problems sending emails thru versamail. I have to go on line and send messages thru yahoo.
    The only reason I choose treo over blackberry is because of the camara and the fact that I don't do to much business from my phone.
    So if it's for business purposes I vote blackberry.
  3. I'm frustrated because I've been using a Palm Treo for years, but when I started my job back in August, I couldn't get support for it because all they support is the Blackberry. I don't see what the big deal would be in installing Palm Desktop for us, but apparently our IT people think it's a big deal. It means I can't stay as organized as I'd like to, simply because I enter my appointments into my Outlook calendar at work, and I can't sync them to my PDA, which means I have to make DUPLICATE entries into my Treo, which is very time-consuming. Needless to say, most times I don't make duplicate entries.

    I'm searching for a way around this, as there's no way I'd ever use a Blackberry.

  4. Okay, so now I have to ask...why would you never use a BlackBerry? And I feel your pain. Mine won't sync at work either because we have a joint calendar system.

    Has anyone used a Treo or BlackBerry with Amicus software? Do both work?
  5. I don't think the blackberry is so bad. It would be perfect if they made one with a camara phone. Everybody who has one says they love it.