treo cell phone

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  1. anyone have one? Is it a good choice?? thanks..
  2. Yes! I have a Treo and I :heart: it
  3. Love my treo! I've used a palm pilot for years and was happy to trade two hand held appliances for ONE! My treo uses Palm IS but you can get Windows IS if you prefer. I do recommend a case however. I dropped mine one to many times on hard surfaces and the keyboard was beyond repair. My phone was insured, so it was replaced quickly with a $100 deductible. I'm more careful with it now. I can do without the phone for a few days but NOT my palm!!
  4. I have a 650. I will admit browsing the net isn't the most ideal as the squsre screen kind of jumbles things a bit, but if I need to reference something quickly, it's perfectly fine. I also use Google Maps quite often. There's a ton of aftermarket software (for both the Palm OS and Windows Mobile OS). The threaded text msgs are very handy. I also have a 4GB sd card so I use it to sub for an iPod as it plays most music compression formats as well as video. It's touch screen too!
  5. I dont really need it for business or anything..just for the phone and the texting and the camera. Is it the best phone for that, or do you have another suggestion? I have cingular. thanks much:smile:
  6. i have a treo 650 as well, but if you only want to use it to text, talk, & take pictures, then maybe a regular phone would be better.

    good luck tho, i have only had treos for years & don't know a darn thing about other types of phones.
  7. I looove it. I still haven't figured out what all it does though. I'll meet someone else with a treo and he/she will show me something new. I'd highly recommend it. You may think you'll only use if for the camera & text until you experience it's other features.
  8. I have had a Treo 650 for a couple of years, and it was my first Treo. I adore the thing, and I see lots of other people with them. I use it for the internet, reading email, SMSing, TXTing, sending snapshots, listening to music, watching video, and playing games. It makes a pretty good phone too, and is infinitely customizable.

    My only complaints are about the constant resets that always seem to come out of thin air for no reason at all, and about the Palm operating system. I'm waiting for a Windows Treo with a higher resolution than the Treo 700w to come to Verizon. I use a Dell Axim all the time, and I like the Pocket PC OS better than the Palm OS, and you can even run Palm OS programs on it.

    I don't think I'll ever go back to a regular phone.
  9. I had a Treo 650 then bought the Juicy Couture SKII when it came out and really hated it. When my contract was up I went back to Sprint and got another Treo 700p. I love it for texting and the internet. It's a great phone.
  10. I had a Treo, now I have a Black Berry Pearl. Sooooo much better. I suggest you go look at both of them and then decide.
  11. I have a Treo that I found in a box lying around in my BF's home and it works great. It has lots of nifty stuff I don't use very often, but I like it. I have access to online stuff like Charles mentioned, and the planner is great, too.
  12. i've had the treo 600 and i'm now using the 650 while my bf has the 700. our service is with sprint and we both love it!
  13. what does it look like? I just knew treo before when mobile technologies are still blooming. Those non-colored treo phones with 2 liner screens! hehe!
  14. windows IS/palm IS what is the difference ? what treo do you have ?
  15. Windows OS = Windows Mobile. Palm OS is Palm's operating system. Obviously WM will have the feel and menus of the Windows OS you'd have on your PC. Palm...well, it's similar. I mean, I certainly had no issues getting the hang of working with it. It's rather straight forward, and actually, seems a bit more user friendly compared to WM, as WM has hidden menus with certain programs where as Palm's stuff is all at the touching and holding for menus, just click the menu button and it's all there. That being said, I think the 750 is only available in WM right now as Palm is revising their OS and basing it on a unix kernal.