Treo Case suggestions -

  1. hey everyone!! it's been a bit of a while since I've been on, but I am in a bit of a pinch - I have to get a new case for my palm treo 650 since the rhinestone bling thing is way out of style...does anyone have any suggestions??

    THANKS!!!! :p:heart::p
  2. I used to have a silicon case... I used to tell people it was a boobie =p
  3. i've been using an angioletto from the Tokidoki for LeSportsac collections.
  4. Check out - beautifully crafted.
  5. Thanks for suggesting this website! They have very nice cases! I bought an OK black, leather case at Overstock for $15 and it's fine, but not as stylish as these.
  6. thanks - i will check them both out! I really wish some designers would make cell phone cases - i would LOVE an emilio pucci case LOL!
  7. I bought the $100 one at vaja. Best case ever. they have many different colors. Go to (I think). They have coupons and price breaks.
  8. Ditto, on the vaja cases. So many combinations! You can design your own etc. And they are really well made. I just had my treo replaced because of keyboard malfunction. ( my fault, I had dropped it face down ONE TO MANY times!) I was determined to protect this one from my clumsiness and think the vaja hard case is great.
  9. I got a purple one with my initials and it has worn really well - I was a little afraid it would show dirt, but still looks like new! Highly recommended!
  10. I cant make up my mind on what color combination that I like. I switch my bags around way too often to even attempt to match.
  11. chanel cambon ipod holder fits treo 650s
  12. does it really????????????? how carries one?? I totally have to get to finding one - especially since i have a reporter from last season too!
  13. i love pucci! its so 60s mod!
  14. they are on sale too, less then $210.00 call every NM store haha!
    Last I heard their were a few floating around still at the sale price.