Treo 700w...Data Plan needed?

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  1. Hello ladies,
    currently I have a sidekick 3 but I am planning on getting the Treo 700w as well. I was wondering if it was required to have a data plan or could you just have a voice plan? The reason that im not thinking about signing up for the data plan is because I already have internet access on my sidekick. Thanks:wlae:
  2. Yes you can! Just tell them you dont need the internet and u can just get the voice plan.
  3. That probably depends on your carrier. I have a Treo 700 also and I don't have a data plan, just a regular voice plan, and a prepaid plan at that. The customer service people at Verizon later told me that they weren't supposed to have activated a PDA phone on a pre-paid plan, so I guess I fell through the cracks or something.
  4. why do you need a treo if you don't want a data plan? might something else be a better fit?
  5. Yeah, no data plan needed.
  6. 1. To play games
    2. To play music
    3. To read ebooks
    4. To view and edit documents, powerpoint presentations, and other office files on the go
    5. As a voice memo recorder
    6. As a phone call monitor/recorder
    7. To use software to keep track of financial information, such as account transactions and balances
    8. To be able to take [sub-par] pictures on the fly
    9. Use the built in calendar
    10. Use the built in organizer functions
    11. To run a whole host of internet-independent, data-plan optional software and applications
    12. To watch movies and other video files
    13. To send/recieve text messages--the built-in keyboard is MUCH easier to use for text messages than a traditional nine-key number pad on a non-Treo phone

    To do any of the above, you don't need a data plan--but you can do few of these things very well with a typical, non PDA phone. All you need to do these things is a memory card (SD) with the files or applications that you need. You insert the card into your Treo, and there you go.

    Of course, I do all of the above PLUS use the data functions on my Treo, such as going online for Google Maps, email, mobile web browsing, and more. As I don't have a data plan, the time I spend online is supposedly subtracted from my prepaid minutes, although the data functions must be very inexpensive because most of the debits on my account occur due to the phone usage. However, I know several people with Treos, and they don't do anything but make phone calls on them. So you really only need a data plan per se if you plan to connect to the internet frequently to retrieve email, browse websites, send LOTS of text messages, and so forth.