Treninos' questions

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  1. Girls, I have some questions about traveling by plane with a Trenino:

    Can you carry it with yourself in the plane? or do you have to put it on the horrible luggage attendant's hands?

  2. A trenino is too large to carry on your lap like a small purse so flight attendants will ask you to put it UNDER the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment. The last time I traveled during Spring Break, the attendant told me to put my BV under the chair!! I thought "NO WAY" and I hid it under my jacket on my lap. But I think the trenino is way too big to "hide"... That's the main reason why I don't want one (as much as I DO want one) because I don't want to place it on the floor or overhead compartment!!
  3. It's small enough you don't have to check it. As Maya said though you'll either have to put it overhead or underfoot. I have to do that with my Scuola anyway so it's not a big deal to me.

  4. Thanks a lot!!! It's a very good explication!!

    mmm I hope my trenino won't be damaged, i'll take care of it with my life! :yes:
  5. I would recommend taking a junky jacket/sweater you don't really care about or a jacket you wash often and wrap the trenino before putting it under the seat or in the overhead... At least that way it'll be kept clean.

  6. Thanks!
  7. Yeah! and I have another idea, I can make a big dust bag like the shoes and bags' dust bags lol
  8. There you go!! :tup:
  9. can u also wear it as a tote? with the two smaller straps on the trenino? or are they not long enough
  10. I think a big pillowcase would work well, too. Has anyone ever tried this?
  11. It has a long strap too.:tup:
  12. I scotchguarded my Trenino before traveling and I did store it in the overhead compartment on the plane and inspected it this afternoon and it stayed clean. I was afraid with Paradiso it would be smudgy after the trip, but surprisingly not.
  13. hehe..thats exactly why I didnt want to get one..though my other reason is I dont travel much so dont really need a big one like this..but i bet it does come in handy when do you need it!!:roflmfao:
  14. hehe I was thinking the same thing!! But instead of a pillowcase, I was thinking of bringing a big clear plastic bag.. that way I can still admire the print :heart: (hehe i'm such a dork) and the plastic can keep it clean from any spills that may occur!

    OH!! And since I'll have 2 treninos and a BV soon, I was thinking about using those for school! The trenino strap and be short enough for a tote! Its great if I have to carry a lot of books and stuff! And there's a second zipper pocket for my laptop :tup: I'll just switch between the 3 during the school year :lol:
  15. I tried on the trenino and I jsut love it. I think it works as either a laptop bag or a messenger too. Haven't got a clue when I'll use it but I just love the fact that I got one in the print that I wanted!