Treninos at Loemanns

  1. Those of you who found Treninos at Loehmanns.... where were they? In the handbag section or somewhere else like maybe with the luggage.

    When I checked the Loehmanns in Denver last Friday it never occurred to me to look anywhere but handbags (and wallets). Now I'm wondering if I might have missed some Treninos that were somewhere else.
  2. I found mine in the handbags... there weren't any denaros or anything at my location tho
  3. hand bags!!
  4. Mine were in the handbag section.
  5. Handbags here, too. Above the display were some little items (porta, bracialettos), but in a different wallet section I found a canguro.
  6. they're usually with the handbags, but i've been to one where they were with the other accessories, like shawls, sunglasses, pouches. i thought that was kinda odd.
  7. Handbag section!
  8. handbag section - and at my loehmanns they were grouped by brand, so there was a whole lesportsac section.... of course, i didnt even need to see signs, i spotted the citta rosa half way across the store!