Trenino!!!!!! *with pictures*

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  1. I just got my Inferno Trenino. Lindsey at Southampton went through a lot of bags to find it. This was exactly what I wanted and I love it!!! I took a picture of me with the bag on for size reference. You'll have to ignore the fact that I just got home from work and it's pouring rain so I'm wet and angry. It was one of those "take the damn picture and shut up" kind of looks. All for you guys!:yahoo:Also one with Max.
    trenino front.jpg trenino back.jpg trenino on.jpg trenino max.jpg
  2. o:huh::huh:oo:huh:o i love the trenino...gosh i wish i had a use for one lolz.

    WOW, I can't believe you let your cat sit in it! LMFAO.
  3. OOOOh I like that!!!
  4. Is that A foresta on the back ?
    Congrats ! I love your inferno is Pink -ish !
  5. Max is my baby. (and I only let him sit long enough to take the picture :smile:) I'm going to use this bag like crazy anyway and the airport is yucky. :yucky: At least Max cleans himself!
  6. My Foresta Scuola :yes:
  7. i want one. lol!! do they have anymore?
  8. ooh, that's so cute!
    btw, i also like the poster in the background. isn't that from disneyland's haunted mansion?!
  9. yup! It's around $230. Southampton outlet.:yahoo:
  10. Yup, Haunted Mansion. It's actually a tapistry- I also have the one with the guy in his boxers standing on a barrel of dynamite.
  11. I love the trenino. I want one, but they are so expensive.
  12. aww adorable trenino& kitty inside!!
  13. I love your Inferno Trenino! Congrats! And you got your vampire bunnies! :dothewave:
  14. Congrats!
  15. aww cuuute :smile: congrats on the trenino!! Very cute pictures and kitty too!