Trenino vs Luna

  1. Which one holds more for a weekend trip/carry-on? Anyone have side-by-side pics? Did the Trenino come out in the Pirata print? Thanks!
  2. Alternatively you could look at the exact measurements on the Lesportsac website and actually calculate the cubic inches.
  3. I think Trenino is much better for weekend trips. It holds a lot more than Luna. I don't have a luna so I cannot do a side-by-side comparison, but remembering what lunas look like irl, the trenino is holds more, at least it seems like it would to me.
  4. I have several lunas and treninos, and I think the volume is fairly similar. The trenino probably holds a little bit more, and it also seems more practical because you can pack things flat as opposed to stuffing them into a duffle. But the trenino is also about $100 more than the luna, so that may be a factor depending on your budget. If you can afford a trenino, I'd go for that, but a luna will also work fine as a weekend bag.
  5. I have a luna that I haven't had a chance to use yet, but I have used my Cucciolo on the way back from a trip, and it fit alot of my carry on junk - purse, magazines, book, iPod, Sirius stiletto, snacks and a drink. I also use the Cucciolo to take my lunch, purse, light sweater, portable radio/iPod speakers and all the cables and remote, extra snacks and sometimes a bottle of water and random book or notebook to work every day. From what I have read, the Trenino is supposed to hold a lot more than the cucciolo!
  6. While we're on the subject, do any online retailers aside from LeSportsac actually carry Trenino or Luna? I think carries Luna, but not Trenino...

    I need to get a plan of attack for getting my hands on a Transporto Trenino with as many discount coupons as I can. XD

    The Luna IS a lot cheaper than the trenino but I feel that the trenino is much more helpful when packing for a weekend trip! I dont have a luna myself but I dont think I'd like to stuff all my things into a duffel bag when I can have compartments to organize my things (like, small misc. things that can get lost) IDK thats just my opinion though! I'm an organizing freak :lol:

    When I first saw the trenino, I just knew it would be the BEST weekend/carry-on Tokidoki bag (for me, anyway..)
  8. Thanks everyone! I believe I'll search for the trenino. Do the outlets carry this style? Do we know when they'll get pirata?
  9. \

    they have it for around 225 i believe in inferno and paradiso

    sometime in july or august some outlets may get some pirata but it's not to say what pirata styles they'll get in.
  10. hrrmmm... maybe i should grab one of the citta or citta rosa ones at loehmann's for $195!

  11. that is what my friend and i did! I love my citta and she has a citta rosa!
  12. And don't forget the 20% coupon for Loehmann's that someone posted here. It's good until June 27th... and it would bring the price down to $155!!!!!!:tup:
  13. Oh wow...:drool::wtf:... I have never been to Loehmann's and I never knew they had tokidoki... I'm going to check it out this weekend... Hopefully they will have some... *crosses fingers*
  14. Can the people who have a trenino tell me if it can fit enough clothes for two weeks? It seems too small for that...but I would love to travel somewhere far tokidoki style!!