trenino prints choices: trasporto/tutti/inferno?

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  1. I and my DH usualy travel together(no kids yet), I hope you guys can help me to pick the best print for trenino. The main concern is my husband can also glad to carry that. I mean not to girly, that's why I only can choose from trasporto/tutti/inferno those three prints. Even though my favorite prints are CR & L'Amore lol, but it's ok, I already have a lot other styles on that.:yahoo:

    Thanks for your opinions.:yes::yes::yes:
  2. Trasporto. It's grey and they're all going places. :yes:
  3. Tutti's not as colorful, therefore I feel it's the least "girly", and the most "artsy".
    Or, you could have fun and make him carry it in Paradiso.:devil:
  4. I love Tutti, but I think it would get too dirty as a travel bag. I'd go with Trasporto... with the gray background it won't show dirt as easily and plus they're all transporting places. It's perfect for travel.
  5. i like inferno/paradiso.. it's just so cuute + u know ur not missing any of the print ;)
  6. trasporto

    it's perfect for "travel"!
  7. My boyfriend is currently obsessed w/the trenino and I bought him a tutti trenino for Christmas but what he really really wanted was pirata so then when southampton had their 40% off sale I picked up a pirata trenino for him. So now for Christmas he's getting a tutti & a pirata trenino!! He already has a citta trenino that he's used once I think. I think Tutti is a great print for guys though and my BF :love:'s the black and white!

    Here are pics


  8. I think inferno is super cool for a guy.
  9. Now the result is...thanks everyone's input:heart::heart:
    Tutti:2 votes
    Traspoto:3 votes
    Inferno:2 votes

    I personal like inferno best and trasporto second.The reasons are: they won't easily get dirty, but they seem to childish for him(his age over 40).

    I guess he might be can accept the tutti, but it's white lol.

    Decision, decision, decision, I need 3 more votes to make up my mind. Please!
  10. I think inferno would be cute for him but I totally hate trasporto. I feel like it's geared toward a child. Trasporto is my least favorite print of all the prints. I swear it looks like a 2-year old designed it for all its friends...Tutti looks older IMO but there is a ton of white on it. Good luck in whatever you choose.
  11. Out of those 3.. I'd have to say that INFERNO is the best choice (IMO)! Tutti is just wayyyy too dangerous to have as a travel bag (even though its insanely cute!) And trasporto.. although the name is fitting.. For a guy, I think inferno is the "manliest" hehe!
  12. Hi, girls,

    I have placed the order for inferno trenino. Hope my DH will like it.

    Thanks everyone's opinions.:heart:
  13. Congrats! :yahoo: I'm sure he will love it! Let us know how he reacts when he gets it! :graucho: