Trenino or Luna?

  1. I really don't need both (trying to convince myself). In your opinion, which do you think I should keep?
    Thanks in advance! ;)
  2. trenino.
  3. I would keep the trenino.
  4. keep the trenino, the luna is alot smaller than it looks
  5. I'd keep the trenino. It seems to have more structure than the luna and has more pockets.
  6. I have both and I definately prefer the trenino. I holds a lot more and is very good for travel. It can also hold a laptop nicely. The luna is a little small for a bag of that shape.
  7. do you know if the trenino is going to be really heavy after it is stuffed full for travel? my buon viaggio is already so heavy after i put my laptop and books in it, and i always end up getting purple bruises on my shoulder at the end of the day..:crybaby:
  8. trenino, hands down. more places to put stuff, way more organizability (that's so not even a word... :p ). Plus it's great even if you don't have a laptop, textbooks, workbooks, notebooks, sketchbooks, etc etc can be substituted :smile:
  9. neither
  10. neither?! :p LoL

    Thanks for your replies everyone! I do like the shape and structure of the Trenino. I was kind of leaning towards the Trenino myself...I just needed a little help validating my decision :tup::yes: