1. hahaha... i don't think shoposhun finished updating... the new shirts are currently $99.00
  2. omg i didnt' notice that!! hahahahaha
  3. Thanks for the link! I just bought my first Toki clothing item today...a brightly colored zip-up hoodie 50% off!!:wlae:

    Now I want one of the tees...little rocker looks good to me ;)
  4. Did you get your discount on trendystars??? If so, what's the code!!
  5. Just letting u guys know, for all sales are final.

    and is there any code for
  6. I bought from local shop. Just a lucky find.
  7. according to this thread sale15 might still work..

    ooh,that's good to know about trendystars though. thanks for the info. that's odd of them.
  8. I bought the candy cane shirt last night. Thanks!
    Shoposhun is awesome and they are really nice. Michael that works there is really nice. I had purchased my toki dresses from them and he wrote me a note that If I called them on my next order he would give me 20% off.
  9. Michael is the store owner. One time I called the store on Sunday to hold something for me and then he told me that they are not open on Sunday. Then he gave me his cell to call him when I get to the store and he came and opened up for me to pick up the stuff. He then told me I can call him on his cell if I ever need something since their hours is very limited (Mon to Sat, 1 - 7pm).
  10. Wow qtiekiki that rocks!! :rochard: If I ever have to have something from there and they're closed I'm going to get in touch with you to help me get it !! hahaha!! I called them once and I spoke with a lady who was super sweet. I just wish they weren't located in CA as I have to pay sales tax on everything I order :cursing: