1. Has anyone ordered from them before? Did you have a good experience? Thanks!
  2. i ordered a necklace and earring from them. They ship from Hawaii. They are ok. All their sales are final tho.
  3. I've bought from them, and had no problems. Their tees are expensive though -- $35, vs $32 on the official tokidoki website and from other sellers.
  4. i've ordered from them. it was fine.
    only thing was one shirt that was available for order online, was out of stock when they were filling mine, but that seems to always happen to me, from EVERYWHERE. i wish everyone had real-time inventory.
  5. Wow, I didnt know they ship from Hawaii...hmm. You think they have a store here?
  6. Didn't someone mention a long time ago that they received a package from Trendystars and it had sand and ANTS in it??
  7. EWWW, lmfao. If that's true, then EW haha.
  8. Hmm i dunno if they have a store in Hawaii, but i bought twice from them and both packages were from Hawaii
  9. LOL! Uhm..yea all the way from Hawaii, special ants and soft sand!

    Wow I hope that's not true ><
  10. yeah i think i remember reading about that too Maya! :lol:
  11. I bought my SS Adios Star charm from them and they shipped SUPERFAST (from hawaii) and it was packaged really, really nicely.
  12. :shocked: An AS charm?!?! Isnt that kind of pricey for a charm (even though its big) Wow!! What a lucky SS!! :graucho: hahaha

    Does anyone know if they have an actual store located here in Hawaii?? I remember someone saying that Chic Icon is part of TrendyStars.. but maybe thats just my memory going bad. Then again, Chic Icon DOES sell the EXACT same things as coinkidink? Maybe I'll just ask my cousin LOL Her friend owns Chic Icon.. (smarrrrt Dana :rolleyes:)
  13. oh nooooo .... lmao ... I didn't mean SS as in Secret Sister ... I meant SS as in Sterling Silver!!! hahahahaha sorry about that!!! I forgot SS stands for secret sister :sweatdrop:
  14. LOL duh! *smacks own forehead* I have an Adios Star necklace myself and I dont even know that its sterling silver :rolleyes: I've been thinking about what to get my SS (Secret Sister!) for the past 2 weeks and SS was what I kept saying instead of "secret sister" :lol: What a miscommunication! :shame: