Trendy woc

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  1. hi all, would really appreciate your help on this. I just saw this beautiful trendy woc in caramel. Should I get it?
    My situation is the following - I have a toddler who is learning to walk so I passed on getting the white cf this summer. Also pass the mini as I don’t like the look on my body and prefer wocs. I love the hands free option on woc and I am 5 ft 7.5 inches (172cm) so like where it hits me. I love lamb skin so much and in general am a big fan of trendy. I have already: silver medium cf, red medium reissue, medium trendy in turquoise, navy boy medium rhw, all black mini coco handle, medium business affinity in black, black caviar woc and a light pink boy woc. I also hate beige and would never buy a beige Chanel and this is as close to tan I would ever get. Please help! Tia!

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  2. I love it, I want it!
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  3. Get it! It’s gorgeous! I have the same trendy cc woc in black and love it. Can I ask where you saw this? Is this for 19k?
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  4. Yes it is. It’s in the Madrid boutique
    Thank you for your opinion. Does it scratch easily? My trendy looks brand new still 3y out but I dunno how lambskin will fare in slg
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  5. I totally love it and want it too! It sounds like it would be great addition to your collection!
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  6. Tbh, I haven’t worn it that much to know about wear and tear but it’s so luxurious. I still haven’t taken the clear tape on the bar because I’m afraid of scratching it. But the beige caramel color is stunning though. I can see it working with many outfits. If it’s gonna be a special occasion bag then I say get it!
  7. beautiful!!
  8. My WoC is lamb and probably 10 years old. I carry it a lot, have never babied it and it’s still pristine.
  9. Beautiful! I say get it. How much is it? Is it a lot more then the regular woc?