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  1. Recently I purchased this beautiful speedy Monogramouflage from After I sold mine a few years back and missed it terribly, I am sooo thrilled to have it back. I have been very happy with their company :smile:

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  2. Nice!
  3. Love this. So unique. Congratulations!
  4. Really love your bag!!
  5. Gorgeous bag!! So happy you were able to get it back...and I love the charm together with it. Super cute!
  6. It's a beauty!
  7. #7 Mar 16, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
    Thank you so much! I loved the fact that it wasn't overpriced and in great conditions. I am going to hang on this one for a long time ! Did anyone else purchase from Trendlee? If yes you are welcome to post your goodies in this thread :smile:
  8. I bought this Vintage Chanel jersey flap last week. I love it and it's almost in perfect condition. IMG_1485227250.050876.jpg
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  9. I purchased this zippy compact wallet old model in good condition at a great price.. after restoring the zipper teeth I will probably send it off for repair to have the zipper pull replaced.. it's (quite scratched) but still very excited to have this in my collection now!!

    IMG_1486224520.220837.jpg IMG_1486224536.315539.jpg IMG_1486224544.960141.jpg IMG_1486224561.220325.jpg
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  10. I wonder why none of their bags come with dust bags?
  11. I bought 3 bags from them. Even if not stated, each bag had the appropriate dustbag inside and I was pleasantly surprised. Plus they put their own dustbag in the packaging, which comes in handy. I like this company very much
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  12. This is good to know. I've only bought a vintage chanel piece but it didn't not come with the original dust bag. I assumed that since they never list the dust bag in the description that they don't come with one.
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  13. I just received this beauty today- an early (tomorrow!) b'day present to me! They first said they would include one of their dust bags, but I was surprised with one from Prada! Very happy with the purchase except I wish I would have known they had their own website and were a big outfit - I purchased off ebay and am sure I could have saved a bit since I see they have a sale going on - but I paid for at least half of it with gift money so it's ok in the long run!

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  14. I got a dust bag from Prada which was a pleasant surprise - see above - but no additional trendlee dust bag - but no worries -
  15. Hello, I saw your video and I know you said you were unsure about this purchase. Did you end up keeping or returning it? I just purchased a jersey bag and was hoping to see how it wears...thank you!
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