"Trendy" Tiffany Jewelry - Tired?

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  1. Hey all! :rochard:

    I love Tiffany jewelry - and my everyday look used to be the matching Tiffany heart tag necklace and bracelet - but for whatever reason I haven't worn the tag necklace in almost a year. I tried it on today and it felt sooooo heavy! I used to love the chunky, clanky chain look - but for some reason now I'm not sure how into it I am. I feel like I see the style everywhere, may it be fake, real, or "inspired" (they sell em' at every store now from the Macy's jewelry counter to Claires and random pagodas), I'm starting to think the style may be a little over-done :shame: . Almost cliché to a point. It's the look most high school girls go for: heart tag bracelet, necklace, ribbed long sleeved tee, jeans/black stretch pants tucked into uggs. I just don't want to fit too much into any specific mold you know? Plus, I'm a little old to be trying to look like a high school student :shame: - is there such a thing as being too old for the classic trendy Tiffany jewelry? I need opinions!
  2. I have the same necklace and bracelet. I wear them separately, and only with certain outfits now. I used to wear them pretty much every day. I think that they are still just as cute, it just depends on HOW you wear them. I think you can still pull it off without looking like a high schooler. That's just my opinion. ;)
  3. ...and I just graduated from college, if that makes you feel any better, haha.
  4. I just turned 23 and have pretty much the entire 1837 collection and the Return to Tiffany's collection (except for the silver rings--I only have one of those).

    I love wearing mine still...it DOES bother me that so many people wear it, though.
  5. I think its what you wear with it.
  6. I was thinking of selling my return to tiffany bracelet this week..but I ended up buying another ring and leaving my bracelet at their cleaner counter LOL.
  7. i think that some of the tiffany stuff is overdone, but if you love it, wear it! personally i'm a david yurman girl...
  8. Same here! I used to wear the set everyday - but within the past year I went from wearing the big chunky necklace, to much more dainty necklaces, to wearing no necklace at all for the most part. I'm sure your right - the necklace will look good with some outfits. For that, I just used my tiffany polish and polishing cloth and spiffed it up for whenever that occasion may be! ;)
  9. I do think that the heart tags and the Elsa Peretti stuff are a little overplayed. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear them if you like them. I have an Open Heart necklace my father gave to me when I was 6 (I'm 26 now!) and a 5 Open Heart necklace that my now-husband gave to me when we first started dating. I'll never stop wearing them no matter how "tired" others think they are, because they have a lot of meaning to me. :yes:
  10. I do think it's a little overplayed so I try to look for pieces that I don't see everywhere. I think as long as you like it, you should be able to wear it.
  11. I look for yellow gold pieces that my husband can also wear so that the whole family can wear them lol. And yellow gold also has resale value. That way I don't feel like I m just buying fashionable costume jewelry

  12. ^^^Yes, I think so.

    I was really into Tiffany sterling between the ages of say 25-35. I bought many of the major pieces--Return to Tiffany necklace/bracelet; heart charm necklace/bracelet; bead necklace/bracelet; the "bean" pendant/braclet; the heart locket, etc., etc.... Now those 15-20 pieces of Tiffany have been sitting in my jewelry box neglected for a couple of years, and I've gone on to become a David Yurman fan too. (And unfortunately, I don't think that the Tiffany sterling has much resale value.)
  13. ^^^ yeah - I find that my favorite tiffany piece is my large teardrop necklace - because I've never seen anyone wear it. I also have alot of their "trendy" pieces - mesh ring, mesh heart ring, beaded bracelet, tag bracelet/necklace - etc - those pieces I find I hardly wear, besides the tag bracelet because it's sentimental.
  14. Yes, I completely understand. I have the same set and stopped wearing it long ago when it became so popular!
  15. I am loving the new Frank Gehry stuff at Tifs. You are correct, the chunky chain stuff has become very trendy and "mall-ish"