Trendy: Ombre Bayswater, should I?

  1. I found a gray bayswater that is ombre style. Starting out lighter gray at the top and turning a darker gray at the feet. I like this bag, however. Next year when the "ombre" fad is out, will I have a $1000 bag that I won't wear?

    What are your opinions on this?
  2. I think you would be better with a plain coloured bag . IMO
    Did you get the patent?
  3. Personally I dont worry about fads. If you like the bag for what it is then go for it! I dont think the style is that 'out there' that it will look out of place anyway.
  4. Totally depends on you, I think ombre isn't such a trend colour, and it can work well for a long time to come. But in patent ombre it might be too much of a trend thing?
  5. I agree with Rascal - forget whether it is trend or not - if you love the bag get it.
  6. Sounds quite subtle and usable to me.
  7. If YOU like it thats what counts! I quite like the pink mulberry ombre bag.
  8. i think mink ombre is quite a subtle sophisticated bag for everyday use, it'll go well with black,greys and browns. fallen angel is selling one on eBay at the moment. the bays is a classic so the design will never go out of fashion, no matter the colour.
  9. you convinced me. I ordered the mink. And glad I did, it was the last one on sale at Bloomies. They have an Oak, and a Bronze Mirror left in the Bayswater style. Lots of everything else!
  10. ^^^ Congrats - lovely choice . .. please post some pictures when you get her.
  11. Oh yeah - post some piccies please - we love piccies!
  12. congrats!..