Trendy Hats

  1. I am looking for Fedora or a bucket hat.
    Please paste pics links and stores.
    Thank you all.
  2. you should check out

    there're lotsa supercute hats, and she's having a winter sale which means a lot of the hats that cost almost $200 are not just $25

  3. I want a summer hat.
  4. you should also check out the brand goorin, available through

  5. Thanks for the sites, I'm in the market for a bucket hat, too.
  6. Um, How effin' cute is that!
    Thanks for posting that site jc!
  7. no problem abandoned.....u know i love to shop for others and i :love: eugenia kim hats
  8. I never been a hat person , but i have been seeing alot of hat i want to try out for the summer
  9. i want a nice hat, plan thought cause i would tie a scarf on it. I want to get a plain beige.