Trendy CC WOC - Is it only in lambskin?

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  1. Hi, everyone.

    Is the Trendy CC WOC only in lambskin leather? I have never seen one in caviar leather.

    Also, does the gold bar scratch easily?
  2. Available only in lambskin, as for the gold bar scratching, it has not happen to mine yet. I love my trendy CC woc!
  3. Thanks for answering! Your CC wallet is beautiful!
  4. Haven't seen caviar and the bar is just fine on mine, too - and on the trendy CC bag I bought like 3 years ago!
  5. Only comes in lamb. The bigger trendy cc bag only comes in lamb as well. My gold bar is also fine [emoji4].
  6. I have only used my trendy woc 3 times but so far nothing. The leather doesn't feel so fragile and I really love the bag so I hope it will look good for a long time [emoji5]
  7. Thank you! I use that card case every single day.Love it!
  8. It's only in lambskin. It's a lovely bag but I've noticed some creases near the gold bar tho with opening the bag.
  9. I really really wish it will come out in caviar in the future. But I highly doubt it since the regular Trendy CC only comes in Lambskin. But who knows. I'll def snatch one up if it ever comes out in caviar.
  10. I called chanel boutique and they said its already sold out because its just seasonal.
  11. One was posted in the store stock thread @edsltan
  12. Is it in canada?
  13. Does it come in silver hardware?
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  14. i don't think it's ever come with silver hw, only the bright shiny gold.
  15. Can you share me the link?
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