Trendy CC WOC Diamond Quilted- Help!

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  1. Hi fellow Chanel lovers! I am new to this forum. My husband just surprised me with a black Trendy CC Wallet on Chain in Chevron. However, I would really love the diamond Quilted version. I contacted my SA at Saks who informed me that they don't have any and will not be able to get me one in the quilted version, and I called Chanel who told me the same thing. Can someone please help me find my dream bag? Thank you so much! Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 2.20.06 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 2.20.18 PM.png
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  2. Anyone?
  3. I guess you have to wait for like one month or two until the new season come out
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  4. This season. There is only the chevron trendy cc woc. I think
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  5. has the Blue One
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  6. Thanks so much for the reply! Yes you are right, I just got this in Chevron from Saks
  7. I saw one on Tradesy the other day. I would just be sure to get it authenticated before and after purchase. Good luck—beautiful bag, I see why it's your dream bag!
  8. I’m desperate for the chevron in black :smile: Anyone seen any?
  9. Hi itsphoebedarling. I just got one from Saks last week. They are re-stocking Trendy WOC in quilt and in so many colors. Be quick..