Trendy CC or Classic flap

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Which would you choose

  1. Trendy cc (black small size)

  2. Class flap (caviar, large size)

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  1. #1 Jun 18, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2016
    Hey everyone. I'm looking to buy my very first chanel handbag and I'm torn between the chanel trendy cc which is part of the new paris in rome collection that just came out and the classic flap in m/l.

    Here's the thing, I've lusted after the trendy cc since it came out last year, I believe part of the Dubai collection (don't quote me on this). But it was sold out as soon as it came out and ever since I couldn't get it out of my head. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I heard that it was being relaunched this year XD.

    I went in the store pretty much already set on bringing the trendy cc home with me however I started having second thoughts on the way to the store. Here's my thought process:

    Trendy cc pros
    - not part of the classic line, so If I pass up this chance to buy it who knows when it will come out again
    - have been lusting over this bag for a year
    - holds a lot more than class flap large size, great for every day use
    - has a lot of classic elements like the simple quilted look, the top handle which resembles many vintage chanels
    - around the same price as the class flap (around $6025 depending on where you live)
    - may go out of style (hopefully not)

    classic flap pros
    - will never go out of style
    - good choice for first handbag
    - caviar leather which is the one I'm planning on going for is more durable for everyday use

    I've tried both on already and they both look gorgeous so aesthetically I think I'm equally drawn to both. It's just a matter of which is a better first chanel piece. I know I've said a lot already :biggrin::P but what do you guys think, which would you choose? Do you think the trendy cc will go out style in a few years? Any opinion is appreciated!!

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  2. I'm not a huge fan on the kelly Chanel, but I really like the Trendy CC. That gold bar at the top really compliments the bag. You can never go wrong with a classic flap but if you can I would buy the Trendy CC now and can always get the classics later. However, I would buy what you love the most, can't go wrong with either.
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  3. I LOVE the trendy CC! (And sorry to say but the classic flap is a bit boring to me) I would get the trendy CC now while you have the chance it may not be out next year!!
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  4. Thank you for the input dear:biggrin: The trendy cc definitely resembles the kelly with top handle but its got a modern twist to it with the shoulder strap. The gold bar at the top is actually engraved with the word CHANEL. You've completely read my mind in term of how a classic flap will always be around but I just worry the trendy cc won't be "trendy":P in a few years.
  5. The trendy cc IS stunning and it looks even better in person. I guess the classic flap has become somewhat of a closet staple for many people but I still feel like it's one of the most classic bags of all time :biggrin:
  6. I would go with the classic.....
  7. im not really into the trendy cc style, so i would go for the classic. Its a safer choice.
  8. I love classic flaps and everything about them. But. You said you have been lusting after the trendy for a year.

    If that's true and you still want it, then get it. The Trendy's style is also one that will never be 'outdated.' Classic satchel bag, and then can also be worn on the shoulder it's so very versatile.

    My first Chanel was not the classic black flap and in fact I still don't have one.

    In the end, if you are spending the money you should be completely comfortable with your choice, so good luck deciding. But I would vote Trendy.
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  9. I bought my Trendy CC as my first Chanel. The classic m/l didn't hold enough, the Jumbo was too heavy. I love my trendy. The piece of leather in the chain strap makes the bag stay well balanced on the shoulder. The compartments eliminate the need for pouches. The bag "sits pretty", meaning it never tips over from uneven weight distribution. The lambskin is gorgeous and still looks great. No regrets. Mine is from 2014.

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  10. Thank you for the input Hun
  11. I started out with classic flap and only wanted classic flap for almost 8 years with Chanel that's all I have wanted, but now, I think I only have a Jumbo in black caviar with SHW. I mostly have boy bags and mini flaps now and have sold most of my classic flaps simply because they became impractical to me already. My reasoning is, I have to buy the bags and purses that I will love, use and enjoy. Classic flaps will always be there, maybe when I get a bit older but my suggestion is for you to buy the one purse/bag you alwyas lust or love because you will always regret it if you dont get it especially if its seasonal.
  12. I remember seeing the Trendy CC when it first came out in black lambskin and wishing I didn't already have the black lambskin jumbo - I would have purchased the Trendy instead and never looked back .. having said that, I must admit that the small Trendy seems too small for me and the large Trendy seems too large, with my Jumbo seeming to be in between the two Trendy sizes, thus 'just right.' (Like Goldilocks lol). OP: which size Trendy are you considering? They are really gorgeous looking and leather lined.

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  13. Trendy CC!!
  14. I'd buy Trendy CC too as my first Chanel as it looks so up to date and as for classic you can always buy it later, but this model once it's sold out might not be available again
  15. Personally I think if you don't have any Chanels yet, you should get a classic flap.