Trendy CC in Chevron or Quilted? Input appreciated!

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  1. Hi all!

    I'm looking into getting the small Trendy CC bag in black but am having the hardest time deciding between the chevron or quilted pattern and would appreciate any thoughts or nudges!

    This would be my first (and likely only) bag in lambskin, as the rest of my bags are either in caviar or aged/distressed calfskin. Most of my bags are in the quilted pattern, but I do have a boy bag in chevron that I love, as I feel chevron is more modern and suits the edginess of the boy bag.

    To me, the Trendy CC bag feels like quite a dressy, lady-like bag because of the top handle, lambskin, and gold hardware. However, I'd like for it be versatile, as my style is somewhat casual and minimal (meaning neutral colors, silk shirts, and nice slacks/jeans) and not particularly dressy or feminine. Therefore, I'm leaning towards chevron since it seems more modern and possibly tones down the dressiness of the Trendy bag and its top gold plate, but the quilted pattern just seems/feels like classic Chanel! I don't have a black classic flap and it's possible that a quilted Trendy bag would fill that "hole" in my collection as well.

    Sorry for being all over the place, but any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :smile:
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  2. I 100% agree with your statement that the Trendy could fill that void for the black lamb CF. I remember after I finally purchased the black lamb CF w/gold hardware after debating it for so long (I had several other CFs and thought I might regret not purchasing a black one with gold in the future), along came the Trendy in black lamb with gold hardware! I was struck by it's beauty and knew it would have been the perfect alternative to another CF/the one I just purchased!
    As far as chevron goes, I'm not a fan and I know I'm in the minority here on the forum. They're common and I find them distracting. I'd get the quilts in a heartbeat if I hadn't already purchased the my black CF. Good luck deciding.
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  3. Quilted.
  4. I agree that the trendy cc style is so elegant and goes best with quilted. Perhaps a different bag with chevron down the road?
  5. I think for the trendy, quilted looks best. I feel like your description of your style is similar to mine and I too have been eyeing the small trendy too. I plan on getting the quilted version once I can decide on a color!
  6. Another vote for quilted. I like chevron, but for this bag the quilted is more pleasing to the eye, imo. I have a small black Trendy with shw and I love it. :heart:
  7. Thank you for the helpful advice everyone! Wow I didn't expect the responses would be unanimous for quilted, but it is indeed beautiful and classic!

    Thank you! It's helpful to hear someone on the same wavelength :smile: I do always think of the black lambskin m/l flap as the quintessential Chanel bag but never got one myself and feel the Trendy bag could fill that role as it's very classic and elegant. You're clearly not in the minority, as everyone on this thread voted for quilted! :smile:

    Thanks! Haha, I'm trying to stop or at least significantly slow down the (Chanel) road... I feel like that is one of the great dangers of this forum, leaving the possibility for more bags in the future. I think the Trendy bag will probably be my last Chanel bag, as I'm very happy with what I have and want to be able to use and enjoy them! I've been chasing the thrill and excitement of the different styles and colors for awhile and realize I only have so many arms and so much closet space :P

    Thank you! What colors are you thinking about?

    Aww that's wonderful! I would love SHW, but was only presented with GHW in the boutique and took it as a sign to try something different, as all of my current Chanel bags are in SHW.
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  8. I guess I'm in the minority because I own the chevron and loved it much more than the quilted when I was picking. Everything else I own from chanel is quilted. Also its a modern bag which i felt went best with chevron. Both are beautiful though!
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  9. I just purchased a small Trendy CC and always thought I wanted chevron because I love that look. I ended up getting the quilted one and it is so special. I own mostly Hermes bags, this is my one Chanel, but I love it so much. You will love it if you get it! I have a very casual lifestyle and I do find myself reaching for this bag only when I’m a bit more put together as I have other bags that work great for casual. But I think you can dress down with a black quilted Trendy CC no problem.

    I love mine so much that, whenever I have more funds that I do right now, I will probably continue to collection different colors.
  10. Good luck deciding. :hugs:It is so funny you said what you did because I am the opposite. I gravitate towards ghw and since I have a black lambskin medium flap with ghw, I decided to branch out with shw for my Trendy. :heart:
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  11. Definitely the quilted. I am not a fan of chevron. The quilts are classic.
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  12. The quilts are classic but on the trendy i also prefer the chevron, and in a non-black shade. To my eye, the trendy looks like an old lady bag if it has the black quilts. In chevron and a lighter shade it looks more modern. I don't think it's a substitute for the classic - they are completely different bags with different layouts and carry options. If you ever think you'll get a classic, then get a chevron trendy. If you truly think you'll never ever buy a flap. go for a quilted one instead. That's just my opinion of course.
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  13. I totally get what you are saying! I have seen both in person and was more drawn to the chevron because it seemed more modern and fresh. I was also initially on the fence about the Trendy bag because of the gold plate that screams Chanel and I tend to avoid logos that are monograms/prints that are signature to a brand, so the quilting felt to me somewhat that I was screaming even more that the bag was a Chanel haha, if that makes any sense.

    Yes! I am drawn to the Trendy bag because it does feel special and classic to me and the quilting suits its femininity. I love the simplicity and craftmanship of the Hermes bags, but there is something about Chanel bags that makes me feel like their bags are meant for special occasions :smile: However, my favorite bag in my collection is my black Kelly 28 :smile:

    I agree, the Trendy does have a more lady-like, mature feel and for me the chevron makes it a bit fresher. I'm in my early 30s, so I feel like I'm straddling that time when I can try to be more edgy, fashion forward or more lady-like and classic. I have definitely been thinking in the last few years when buying bags about longevity and whether it is something I will still be able to "pull off" in 20-30 years. I think I will likely not get a black lambskin classic flap in the future, as I have a reissue that I love.

    Regarding your suggestion of a light color, do you worry about lambskin in a light color with regards to color transfer and wear?

    All in all, thank you everyone for such helpful suggestions! I have to admit I'm still more confused than ever and will try to revisit the boutique in person to see what my heart is drawn to. It's hard for me because I'm also a very logical person by nature, so I tend to second-guess my gut reactions.
  14. Good morning. I have the small trendy cc in black ghw chevron and love it. I know I am too in the minority. I love it. Just curious, I know the new trendy cc has the bigger quilts, are you thinking the smaller or bigger size?
  15. I’m thinking of the smaller quilts. While the big quilts do look elegant, I think the smaller quilts give the bag a more classic, feminine look. The store display of the big quilts also had some scratches that seemed more obvious because the larger quilts are flatter.