Trends You Wont Dare Wear

  1. what are some of the trends or clothing you would not be caught in ?
  2. Skinny jeans. Yeah right...Not on this butt.
  3. lol well for me you wont see me in high waisted pant or jeans uggggggg:hysteric:
  4. tights.. it makes me shorter than i already am.
  5. I hate the fact about why people need to follow trends. Every celeb out there look totally similar. From Lilo to Sienna Miller to cK ad models, all wear leggings. I'd rather stick to style, "Your Own Style" because that's what makes you stands out and not trends. Fashion always goes in circles and I buy clothes that flatters me and make me feel confident. Anything that do not flatters me whether it's this year trend or last year trend, I won't be caught dead in them.
  6. Leggings and velour. I think that both look cheap.
  7. short short pointed ankle boots, too elfish for me. :smile:
  8. same here.
  9. Flared jeans, T-shirts, ballet-pumps, piggy-trotter heels, chunky knits, trainers, office/business-suits, anything boho/hippie/60s/70s/80s, beaded/sequined, shoulderpads, synthetics, cardigans, things with ugly buttons, skirts over jeans, you name it...
  10. :yucky: No leggings for me! Being 5'2", it would be hard to pull of this trend without lookng like an elf.
  11. Skinny Jeans
    This year's poofy (looks like an apple) skirts.
  12. No high waisted jeans or pants

    No bubble skirts
  13. Wow you guys pretty much mentioned everything I WOULD never wear except I will do skinny jeans if I find the right pair.

    I can't explain my extreme dislike of leggings! High-waisted jeans are back in style?? OMG Never would I wear MOM jeans in my life (Even tho I am a mom)!

    I also know that tons of people like the fedoras or bowler hats but personally I would never wear it. It just is not cute at all to me.
  14. Same here, especially leggings under mini's. And booties, or skinny jeans with zippers in the back. :yucky:

    Oh, and capelets...meh..