Trends winter 2006/2007

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  1. Hi everybody !!

    What do you think will be trendy on winter 2006 / 2007?
    This season it were the mukluk boots or example.

    please let me know:biggrin:

    PS: sorry for my bad english :shame:
  2. Goo question! I was wondering if UGgs were going to be popular? I hated them the year before and this year they started to grow on me, usually by the time a trend is over it gets popular where I am. There are a ton on sale and i thought hmmmm, I could always were them when outside taking care of the animals though.
  3. in my opinon uggs are not a fad. I've been wearing them for over 3 years and i will continue wearing them 30 years from now, they are warm and comfy best part no socks!!!(i'm too lazy to put on socks lol)
    Everyone should have a pair of uggs!! I don't think they're the most sexy shoes but they are the most comfy and versitile.
  4. Is it true that they usually run a size large ( or half size?) I'm thinking of picking up a pair on sale now, and using them when I have to go back home to Boston next winter. :smile: Also, would you reccomend the tall or the short ones?
  5. Uggs are everywhere when you come to NZ for winter!!!!
  6. My God I love my Uggs they're just so useful I don't even care if thery're "over" I still get lots of compliments on mine!
  7. OMG! I am 32 and I remember my parents got me my first pair of UGGs when I was about 12-13 years old. We all ski and UGGs are a MUST (for our family anyways) if you do!!! It's SO NICE to put them on after a day of skiing when you are having your hot cholocate in the lounge!!! I live in Canada and practically don't take off my UGGs from late fall till early spring. They are SO comfy, I would FOR SURE recommend them to anyone!!! I even use my Classic UGGs in the house as slippers. One thing though (FYI), if you do end up getting them, even though UGG sites say to wear them without socks, I wouldn't advise that!!!
  8. The trend I'm totally loving right now, are leggings underneath a micro-mini jean skirt. I know it won't be hot for long, so I'm getting good use out of my black pair. :smile: It's really popular here in FL, but when I went back home ( boston) for break, everyone looked at me like I was crazy when I sported them. :-P

    Anyone else have interesing ( possibly localized) trends?
  9. Yes, the ones that are made in China run a bit big so you have to size down. The size also depends on style. All of my UGGs are made in New Zealand and they all vary in size. For example, I take US size 8, so in Sundace II style I take 7 and in Classic style I take 8. The other day I tried the Classic style that was made in China and 7 fit me fine. I hope this helps.
  10. I love my uggs!!! They are super comfy and look great when my jeans are tucked in. Why talk about winter trends?! It's almost spring!
  11. hehehe, our summer is nearly wrapping up :sad:
  12. That's right, it's only going to be spring on one side of the world! I just think it must be bizarre to have Christmas in the middle of summer though.
  13. hehehe, attached is a pic from the beach on 31 dec 2005! :biggrin: summer in dec??? hehehe! this is how it is on the other side of the world! you guys should come down! :biggrin:

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  14. i hate uggs. no uggs. i'm completely anti-ugg.
  15. That is my dream trip someday when I have enough time off and money to come to Austrilia and New Zealand for a month! so many amazing beautiful places to see and so many unique animals found no where else in the world!!!!