Trends for Spring 2009

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  1. As, I am currently sceptial on the new trends, and spring will be here before we know it, I though it would be good to have a place to post all the new clothing trends comming up. Including colors, textures, fabrics, peices of clothing, etc.

  2. Boyfriend jeans

    Plaid shirts

    Trenches (as usual)
  3. I'm seeing a lot of neon coloured pieces, some lingerie/corset inspired wear, & anything nautical (think sailor/sailing) like navy, white, gold, & red! I love it all but of course not at the same time!
  4. gladiators are still going to be in.. structured shoulders.. peplum.. the colors yellow and nude
  5. Sheers, pastels, pale colors.
  6. Gladiator heels will totally be in. I see them constantly in magazines everywhere! :yes:
  7. orange
    looser fits instead of fitted (boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazers.)
    statement necklaces
    the caged shoe
  8. ^^cage shoes for sure
    jumpsuits / rompers
    white pants / jeans
    skinnies - still
    booties - still
    hat veils - im serious
    harem pants -drop crotch
    military - band inspired jackets
    exagerated shoulders / sharp
    round frame glasses
  9. It seems to be the same trends from year to year now.
  10. Butterfly motifs
    skinny jeans r still in - i love em please dont go away!
    less dressy than last season!
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    Thanks for all the help, With the colors you have said, It seems like gold would go the best with them. Here is what I came up with. Do you approve?

    Spring Shopping List:
    Ø Colorful Gladiators (Gold, w/ Colorful Gems)
    Ø White Dress (wear w/ kate spade rain shoes)
    Ø Gold Chains
    Ø White & Navy Striped Tee
    Ø Red & Gold
    Ø Pale Colors
    Ø Gladiator Heels
    Ø Orange/Citrus/Coral Dresses
    Translated into Outfits…
    1. White Jeans, Navy & White Tee, Gold Chains, Gold Gladiators
    2. Orange Dress, Nude Cardigan, Gold flats, gold watch?
    3. Skinnies, gladiators, Coral tank, gold butterfly statement necklace
    4. Coral Sling-backs, skinnies, Citrus tank
    5. Nude Boyfriend Blazer, coral Tank, skinnies, gladiators
  13. Floral prints are huge!!! Is it just me seeing these? Why hasn't anyone else mentioned them lol? The tiny really vintage/boho looking prints esp.
  14. Added

    Ø Florals
    Translates into...
    6. Floral Silk Blouse, Skinnies, Colorful Gladiator Sandals
  15. As for skinny jeans, what color wash? Dark, Light, Medium???