Trend Show Loot

  1. Nordies Cosmetic Trend Show was yesterday at Towson Town Center. I was there all day and just wanted to share my all day loot with you all.

  2. ooooooooo cool u got laods.. whts ur fave frome veryethign u got
  3. My favorite is Trish McEnvoy. I think that she has a really innovative design with the beauty planner. I'm going to be working with that a lot.
  4. Wow! What is this beauty planner? I'm a total newb when it comes to Trish McEnvoy.
  5. The planner is a binder that holds all your makeup together.
  6. aarti I'm going to take a picture of it because I think it's just about the coolest thing ever.
  7. wow! great haul! looks like fun!
  8. Holy cow E!!!

    VERY nice!:yes:
  9. WOW!! Congrats...what a fun day!!
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