Trenches: men's vs. women's sizes

  1. Through painful trial and error, I've figured out that I wear a women's size 16 US/18 UK in Burberry trenches. I'd be willing to look for a trench in men's sizes, but I don't have many men in my life, and have no idea how to translate men's sizes to women's and vice versa. Can anybody help me? TIA!
  2. Burberry has the larger sizes in womens trenches...

    If you really want one, you prob need to order it in if they don't have it in stock
  3. Thanks, but I can't afford a new one -- I'm looking for one on eBay or another place where I can get a deal. Hence the desire to know corresponding men's sizes -- especially given that Burberry doesn't appear to make off-the-rack classic trenches (complete with removable liner, gun flap, etc.) in women's sizes anymore.

    Can anyone help me?
  4. Nobody? I'm bidding on a men's coat on eBay and am just crossing my fingers that it will fit me.