i want it ALL!
Jan 19, 2006
I'm looking for a chic, classy trenchcoat (no particular color in mind) to wear to work, but the catch is, it needs to be CHEAP. Can I find anything for $200 or less? :confused1:
Maybe the after-Christmas sales would be a good time to find what you're looking for. I plan to shop the week after the holidays for a Burberry trench raincoat, although I may end up paying full price.
I just got a Juicy Couture trench coat from Saks about 2 weeks ago. It's on sale for about $250.
search threads started by me (MINNIE) or the word trench coat because I was also looking for a great trench coat and everyone gave very lovely suggestions with a lot of great pics and links. $69.50 on sale! I got it for $99 at the nordstrom sale this fall and it looks far more expensive than its price. Great looking and has a nice inverted pleat in the center back too which is a nice and comfortable detail.

My daughter wants a white trenchcoat. Has anyone seen an affordable one? We found on at Off Fifth, but they only had one and it was the wrong size. it was a Calvin Klein and I can't find another anywhere!
I would check out Club Monaco -- their version has a opera length sleeve with a slight bell shape. Its $249.00

I would also look at Banana Republic -- their version is a bit more classic and retails for $198 BUT if you use the code "January" I believe you get 15% off plus free shipping.

Additionally, check out Zara which should have several different versions of trenches -- the trick with them is that different stores get different styles so what I am seeing in SF may not be what your local Zara may be receiving.
I'm going to tag onto this thread - great question!

Personally, I'm looking for a single breasted trenchcoat in stone (color) with no ties or belts, with a v-neck style. The double-breasted and belted styles just make me look lost :sad:

Is such a style available this year? in Paris?