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  1. I am looking for a nice trench coat.....I was going to get the classic, a Burberry, but I have so much Burberry, I am (almost) tired of it. Also, I would rather not pay the Burberry price for a plain trench. Does anyone have any suggestions for where to find a nice trench coat?
  2. Banana Republic?
  3. I have both a Burberry and Banana Republic. I think BR makes good trench for a reasonable price. I like my Burberry when it rains. Something like this is classic and simple.

  4. I am wearing the Club Monaco Emma trench from this season. It's a very nice heavier material and very neutral slate colour which is cut very well. It looks very very similar to a Burberry one.

    The BR one I find to be very thin and a bit boxy. I had initially bought that one at 40% off but returned it for CM's trench.
  5. Gap has some nice ones too!