Trench: which one would you choose?

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  1. I like the second.
  2. yep me too - i like the burberry bec I love navy. such a classic colour.
  3. the first one, I like that color better
  4. First one too, the classic trench color
  5. The latter. The darker color makes it look dressier.
  6. I like more the first one.
  7. I like them both they are equally nice :shrugs:
  8. first one ;)
  9. The second one. Navy tends to go better with more things than beige IMO.
  10. i like the burberry one too!
  11. I like the second one better. I, myself, have a black trench. I prefer trenches in darker colors. To me they seem more chic in darker colors.
  12. That's so difficult to choose between two! Do you think dark blue matches with brown? I have a brown Coccinelle bag I wear a lot in fall.
  13. I like the Burberry one much better. It's classier and will look beautiful in Italy! I'm actually going to Italy for 8 days as a birthday present. I can't wait, it'll be nice if you can suggest places to shop?
  14. I really like the first one.