Trench sleeve length question

  1. Hi -- this seems like an odd question to me, but . . . I bought a petite-sized trench on eBay. When it arrived, the coat was too small overall, but one thing that particularly struck me was how short the sleeves were. I figured it had to do with the fact that the coat was a petite (which is what I usually wear, because my arms are shorter than average). Since then, though, I've been checking out listings for other trenches, and have been surprised to find that their sleeves also seem weirdly short. This one, for example, is supposedly a men's extra-large, but the sleeve length (from "armpit to cuff") is listed as 16 1/2".

    I just measured a coat that fits me well, and the sleeve length (from armpit to edge of hem) is 19 1/2". And it's a women's petite.

    Are the sleeves of Burberry trenches shorter than average? Or am I misunderstanding the measurements? :shame: Any help will be appreciated.
  2. As far as I know (and from what I've tried on in shops or what Burberry items I own) I would say the sleeves have regualr length; BUT: I have slighlty short arms, which means I have to alter almost every jacket I wear; the Burberry things are okay for me, no alteration needed so that could mean that Burberry sleeves are indeed, shorter. But I have a friend who also has a Burberry trench, she does not have short arms and the sleeves are okay for her as well. So it probably depends on the actual item...
    Regina :s
  3. I have a Burberry trenchcoat, and the sleeve is shorter than my other coat. maybe 8/10 length.
  4. Thanks, ladies. :smile:
  5. I have two Burberry jackets (one trench style and one quilted cape-like)--both have shorter sleeves than most of my other jackets. My arms are normal length or maybe a tad longer. Very cute jackets matched with Burberry gloves, but a bit awkward without. I've gotten used to it though. My SA said it's all the better to show off your fancy bracelets... as if I have any to show off!
  6. My Burberry SA told me the sleeves on my trench coat were alterable, saying they could be lengthened or shortened. I had mine shortened, but it sounds like the sleeves could be lengthened if you needed it.