Trench quality issues?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    So I bought a London trench a month ago on the burberry website. I haven't worn it yet in this cold weather, but I discovered a rip in the lining in one of the sleeves. Has anyone experienced this? As it has been a month since the purchase, does anyone know if the store will cover/repair this?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. (oops, I double posted - how do I delete this?)
  3. That's awful; I'd take it to a store or call customer service about it. Seems unusual. My trench has taken heavy beatings and still functions very well.
  4. You can always take a Burberry coat back to alter/repair it according to my SA (might cost money though). When I bought mine, I was told that there's a 6 month warranty on it. Take it back, they should be able to help. :smile:
  5. I bought a trench for my husband (Made in England as well). He wore it a few times and then noticed that the pocket linings coming undone. I looked at the rest of the jacket and it looks fine, though I notice that the stitching is not as tight and even as it is on my wool toggle coat which I purchased several years ago. I don't know whether the quality is declining or whether their wool products are better than their cotton products, etc.

    Each item has a 1 year warranty against defects, so definitely go back to the store!
  6. Thank you everyone! I'll go down to the store this weekend. I hope it doesn't affect anyone else. :smile:
  7. Just to update - I brought it down to the store. They will hem it. The problem is there isn't very much fabric at the seems, so it came undone.